The Community Cat Support Network is an IRS recognized 501c3 (92-0510347) dedicated to providing support for community cat colonies and their caregivers. They achieve this by actively advocating, supporting, and promoting trap-neuter-return practices.  Working to remove barriers to spay and neutering community and free-roaming cats, as well as by sharing and distributing cat care supplies and resources.


Whether they are called strays, ferals, free-roam kitties, or neighborhood cats, the Community Cat Support Network (CCSN) is working to improve their lives through trap-neuter-return (TNR). CCSN volunteers work with cat caregivers to get the cats fixed and vaccinated and then returned to their outdoor homes. Cats who go through a TNR program live happier, healthier lives: they are no longer focused on mating, they get into fewer fights, they don't go through the physical stress of having litter after litter, they aren't continually competing for diminishing resources since the cat population ceases to grow, and they stay closer to their home territory.

Additionally, the lives of the humans who care for these cats improve, too! Their cat food costs stop skyrocketing and they get to enjoy less worry as the health of the cats in their care improves. CCSN works closely with the cats' caregivers and support them not only with vet services through TNR, but also with cat food when donations allow. Occasionally, and with the permission of the cat's caregiver, CCSN will help find new homes for some of cats and kittens who are good candidates for indoor homes.



What we've done

Collectively our members have fixed over 900 cats in Arkansas in since 2022. We hope to grow our county colonies across Arkansas, joining forces to meet the needs of smaller, rural communities.